Portfolio - Nina Zitani
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Hoatzins are large birds that live in social groups along rivers edge, and feed on fresh green leaves, flowers and fruits of a variety of plants. Bacterial fermentation in their gut helps to digest the plant food. The fermentation and aromatic compounds found in their plant food causes the birds to have a disagreeable manure-like odor, and for this reason they are usually not eaten by people. With many Amazonian species in decline due to overconsumption by humans, one could say that the stink has saved this bird. Time will tell how it responds to climate change, however. The debate over the closest living relative of the hoatzin is ongoing; one hypothesis puts them in the Cuculiformes (cuckoos and relatives). Found only in the Amazon lowlands and the Orinoco Delta of South America. Pacaya Samiria Reserve, Peru ("Ophisthocomus hoazin").

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From Amazon Lowlands